A Garden without Borders, West Sussex


Designed for Lady Penelope by our in-house landscaping team

Set in an 800-acre country estate the location for this converted barn is both rare and enviable. For eighteen years the owners had been restricted to a small garden space within the walls of what had once been the cow yard. With a love for outdoors and big fans of entertaining in summer months there was a need in some way tame a further two acres of what is categorised as garden within view of the house. 

Some years had passed since early groundworks on the site had revealed the bones of an idea for a tennis court, fire pit and viewing point. Much of the site remained undeveloped until recent retirement had prompted more time to consider how this space could be better developed. The main brief from our clients was to have a garden without borders. That is to be able to provide colour, ornamentation, spaces for play, entertaining and relaxation that didn’t impede on the impressive views or distract from the natural beauty and maturity of the surrounding countryside.

Inspired by and using the existing back drop of man and nature in harmony we were able to create a design that flows almost seamlessly into its rural back drop to function much in the same way. A phased construction plan, now provides spaces for activity, chatting, play, reading and dining and will divided by a subtlety in the ornamental planting that will still prompt interest and an emotional response whilst continuing to attract local wildlife insects, birds and bees into the garden.

Phase 1 has been completed, being the creation of grass terracing, with tree and shrub planting, a vegetable garden and summerhouse. Phase 2 commences in Spring 2018, being the games lawn and a set of stone steps. Phase 3 is expected for Autumn/Winter 2018 and will include a fire pit and entertaining area, prairie style planting and a wildlife pond.

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